Now See The REAL State Of The FDIC's Insurance Fund

Rolfe Winkler examines the sobering state of play at the FDIC, the organisation which insures everyone’s bank accounts.

As you can see, the reserve ratio has fallen to negative.

When the world was falling apart, FDIC increased deposit insurance limits….to $250,000 for individual non-retirement accounts and unlimited for business transaction accounts. But those increases were treated as “temporary” and so left out of FDIC’s total.

Since the $250,000 limit was extended to 2013 — decidedly not “temporary” — FDIC started collecting that data from its member banks. The data was published for the first time in Q3.

So in Q3, the official figure — which includes $250k limits — jumped from $4.8 trillion to $5.3 trillion. Throw in the $761 billion insured by the transaction account guarantee program and you’ve got a total of $6.1 trillion of insured deposits. Compare to Q3 ’08. Back then, before all the emergency measures, the total was $4.5 trillion. So the increases added $1.6 trillion, or 34%, to the total.



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