Now, Roy Bostock Has To Fire Himself From Yahoo

Yahoo Chairman Roy Bostock
Yahoo Chairman Roy Bostock

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Now that Jerry Yang is gone from Yahoo, it’s time for Roy Bostock to follow him out the door. Bostock has made three big moves since taking his spot on Yahoo’s board: The botched Microsoft acquisition, the hiring of Carol Bartz, and the hiring of Scott Thompson.

Three swings, two monster sized whiffs. We’ll see about Thompson.

At our IGNITION conference in December Yahoo was one of the main topics of conversation and not one person had anything good to say about Yahoo’s board or Bostock.

The most stinging criticism we heard was that Bostock was totally clueless about the web and should have nothing to do with running Yahoo.

And yet, here we are.

Jerry Yang is gone, and Bostock is still there.

Probably not for long. A long time Yahoo observer DM’d us to say Bostock is “toast.”

Shareholders will say good riddance.