Now Mountain Dew Bought Promoted Tweet To apologise For #Fail 'Racist' Ad [THE BRIEF]

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TwitterEarlier this week, Mountain Dew found itself in the middle of a PR disaster after one of its ads, made by rapper Tyler, The Creator was panned for alleged racism and normalizing violence against women. (See the ad and the drama that unfolded here.) Now Mountain Dew has taken to Twitter to buy promoted tweets to apologise again, Adweek reports. The Tweet reads, “Hey guys – made a big mistake we’ve removed the offensive video from all our channels. #fail” The company also tweeted the message out to its 126K followers. (Tyler, The Creator has 1.6 million fans and doesn’t seem too apologetic.)

The Huffington Post and Digitas is launching a real-time native advertising initiative. That means that Digitas clients can immediately post relevant content on the news site’s homepage.

During its earnings call, LinkedIn CFO Steve Sordello said that the company’s ad business will see “more moderate growth” soon as it switches from one time ad deals to content-based ads.

Havas’ organic revenue went down 3.9% in the U.S. during Q1.

Google won the honour of advertiser of the year at the Clios.

Taco Bell is testing a $1 “Cravings” menu. Deutsch LA made the ad for the campaign.

The New York Times takes a look at “street cred vs. quality” in advertising.

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