Now Men Can Be Pretty Too -- Birchbox Launches Monthly Grooming And Lifestyle Boxes For Men

birchbox man

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After testing out a product for men in December, Birchbox is officially adding blue to its very pink site.Today Birchbox is launching Birchbox Man.  Men can order $20 monthly boxes of gadgets, grooming and lifestyle products to their doorsteps. The first boxes will be shipped in a few weeks.

Birchbox is a subscription e-commerce and discovery site. Launched in 2010, it sends monthly boxes of makeup to more than 100,000 users.

“There aren’t as many places for men to go and learn about products,” Birchbox co-founder Katia Beauchamp says. “Men might not be willing to talk about the best exfoliator they use and we want to make Birchbox a place where they’re comfortable.”

Birchbox has hired a men’s editor and a male task force to launch the new vertical.  “We’ll do this the same way we did the product for women. We’ll listen to what people expect, watch their reactions and iterate quickly,” says Beauchamp.

The men’s product comes at a higher price point than Birchbox’s makeup product for women.  Beauchamp says that’s because making a lifestyle box is more expensive.  Gadgets are more expensive to include too.

Beauchamp says thousands of men have signed up to see what Birchbox is launching for them.  The women’s product has been live for over a year; Birchbox parters with 200 brands and has 60 employees.

When we asked what’s next for Birchbox, Beauchamp replied, “We won’t be putting shoes in a box. But we are looking at other verticals that make sense.”

Here’s are some of the products you can expect in the first Birchbox Man package:

birchbox man

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