Now Martin Shkreli's going after Kanye's new album for himself

Martin Shkreli. Picture: LinkedIn

Accused fraudster and Big Pharma bad boy Martin Shkreli has offered Kanye West $US10,000,000 ($A14m) to sell him all the copies of his new album “The Life of Pablo”.

“Instead of releasing this product for your millions of fans, I ask you to sell this recording solely to me, for the price of $10,000,000,” Shkreli said in making the offer official in this letter he then posted to his account.

When Shkreli was arrested in December on charges of securities fraud, it was also revealed that he was the mystery buyer of the only copy of Wu Tang Clan’s latest album “Once Upon a Time in Shaolin” for $US2 million.

He’s since been engaged in a war of words with Wu Tang’s Ghostface Killah, threatening to wipe Ghostface off it altogether.

West is yet to reply to Shkreli’s offer. West has promised fans the album will be out sometime today.

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