Now Jim DeMint Is Banging The Drum For Eric Holder's Resignation

Jim Demint

Photo: AP

Attorney General Eric Holder faced a hearing today on Capitol Hill about the conduct of the Jusitice Department particularly in regard to the Fast and the Furious scandal. And the calls for his resignation keep growing. 

Today on Glenn Beck’s GBTV, Senator Jim DeMint called for Attorney General Eric Holder’s resignation.

“I have lost confidence because there are a lot of things that have happened, his raid on Gibson Guitar, like they were a bunch of criminals, I mean — these things, in addition to just the botched Fast and Furious. Some of the lawsuits against our state and what they’ve done in this administration, aside from just the Justice Department, like the NLRB attacking Boeing in South Carolina, and that’s affiliated with the whole justice perspective of this administration,” DeMint said.

“I don’t have very much confidence that we can get justice out of this Justice Department,” he said.

“So are you prepared to call for his resignation?” GBTV’s Amy Holmes asked.

“I think I already have,” DeMint answered.

obviously, this is a natural move as DeMint is a conservative stalwart in the Senate and a Tea Party favourite. 

But it emphasises just how weak a position Holder is still in. 

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