That Pack Of Chewing Gum Won’t Help You Lose Weight


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A recent online study in the Obesity journal finds that chewing gum won’t do a damn thing for your weight. Sure, it might help you cut cravings and eat less at night, but according to the Wrigley Science Institute-funded eight-week study of 201 overweight adults, half of whom chewed the gum for at least 90 minutes throughout the day, while the other half did not, hardly any changes in their body weight were noted. 

The study is disconcerting given how long chewing gum, especially the sugar-free kind, has been touted as a weight loss aid. However, this certainly isn’t the first consumer product to come under scrutiny. A recent study by the American Diabetes Association found diet sodas were totally useless in battling the bulge.

As the debate on how to handle obesity (with kid gloves) rages on, perhaps consumers should question the other “diet” products in their shopping cart. 

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