Thanks To Bernie Madoff, Now Is Your Chance To Buy The New York Mets

baseball mets dugout handshake

Photo: ajagendorf25 via Flickr

The Wilpon family has announced that they are looking at the possible “addition of one or more strategic partners” to the ownership group of the New York Mets.Sterling Equities, which (like the Mets) is controlled by Fred and Jeff Wilpon, is being sued by the trustee overseeing the bankruptcy of Bernie Madoff, in an attempt to recover profits that Sterling may have received from Madoff’s ponzi scheme.

The Wilpson don’t plan to give up primary ownership of the team, but are hoping to shore up their finances with a partial sale.

So if you’ve ever wanted to own an expensive, underachieving baseball team … or just want good seats at CitiField, now’s the time to break open that piggy bank.

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