Now is the worst time to buy a new MacBook from Apple

If you were hoping to buy a new Apple laptop, you should wait two weeks before pulling the trigger.

On June 5, Apple will kick off its annual developer’s conference. And this year, it looks like they might launch some new products in addition to announcing software updates for iPhones, Macs, and Apple Watches.

Apple is planning to release three new laptops next month, according to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman. Apple may update its MacBook Pro, MacBook, and MacBook Air with new Intel chips, according to the report.

It’s not going to be a groundbreaking update, but the new models should be faster than the current models. The MacBook Air, for example, hasn’t been updated since 2015. Apple’s other laptops have been updated more recently, but none are using the latest Intel chips.

While the new laptops that Apple is rumoured to launch next month probably won’t be sporting a new redesign, the latest chips will help your new laptop last a little longer before it feels sluggish.

In addition, when Apple launches laptops with new chips, the older models often receive a discount. So if you’re in the market for a new Apple laptop, wait for two more weeks — there’s a chance it could save you some money.

There are also rumours that Apple may launch a new iPad or voice-activated speaker next month, although whether Apple does in fact plan to launch either of those new, unconfirmed products in the near future remains unclear.

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