Now Google And Twitter Aren’t Even Talking To Each Other

Eric Schmidt Larry Page Zeitgeist '09
Eric Schmidt and Larry Page

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PandoDaily’s Sarah Lacy with the scoop:A well-placed source tells us that Google’s Android team was supposed to meet with Twitter at CES about how to make Twitter work better on Android. Then, the Search Plus Your World controversy began. Eric Schmidt claimed that Google couldn’t index Twitter and Facebook properly because those companies don’t allow Twitter to access their data. Twitter openly refuted this: The reality is Google’s bots hit Twitter hundreds of millions of times per day, sending 1,500 queries per second. Google has those Tweets, whether Twitter likes it or not.

The Google brain trust was so irritated with Twitter’s statements that the Android meeting was abruptly called off, according to a source with knowledge of the situation. There’s still no sign of the meeting being rescheduled.

Semi-related to all of this, yesterday our own Jim Edwards reported Twitter was set to launch interactive brand pages for companies.

Perhaps the reason Twitter is so angry over all of this is that it fears Google is going to freeze it out of search and make those brand pages considerably less valuable. If Google is pushing people to Google+ brand pages it makes Twitter brand pages irrelevant.