Now Even The EU Is Treating The Crisis Like A Joke

The Eurozone crisis is no joke.

But after nearly two years of emergency mode, the EU has sought to inject a little humour into the situation.

In an apparent nod to the chaos that can greet forums when trying to wrangle all 17 Eurozone countries (as well as some evident Euro-core snobbery), the EU released an announcement stating that Andorra, Monaco, Kosovo, Montenegro San Marino — countries that unilaterally adopted the Euro but do not have representation in the ECB — have been invited to the next Eurozone summit “due to inadvertent wording of the Treaty on Stability, Coordination & Governance, which refers to countries ‘whose currency is the euro.’ “

The Vatican has also been invited; the announcement explains why:

“The presence of His Holiness the Pope affords an opportunity to pray for divine intervention to save the euro. This is now seen as the most credible strategy.

The summit is “scheduled” for April 1…

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