Now Charlie Gasparino Says Lloyd Blankfein "Hates His Job"

Yesterday, Charlie Gasparino reported on a rumour he’d heard that Lloyd Blankfein would leave his job as the CEO of Goldman Sachs by year end.

Now he’s saying more – that Blankfein “hates” his job.

Possible reasons, according to Gasparino, include:

  • His name is in the news again and getting bad press related to the Raj trial
  • He has to deal with the shocking information that former board member Rajat Gupta deceived the firm by leaking information about Goldman’s thinking about buying AIG and about Warren Buffett’s big cash injection.

However, there’s at least one good reason to believe he’s right.

Below are the tweets from Gasparino’s twitter feed.

Note: As we’ve mentioned before, the “denial” he’s talking about from Goldman just means that the firm told him something like, “We don’t comment on market speculation.”


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