Now Cancer Patients Can Get A Ride To Treatment In A Supercar

Rolls Royce

Photo: Youtube

Cancer treatment is taxing on the body and the mind. And it is definitely not any fun.But a group of supercar owners in Austin, TX have started a network to bring a bit of joy to a painful process.

According to Autoblog, Your Ride Is Here offers cancer patients rides to the hospital in a fleet of awesome cars.

It was started by cancer survivor Ken Adams, who noticed during his own treatment that there were a number of people facing difficulty getting to and from the hospital for chemo.

With that, Your Ride Is Here was born. All people need to do for a ride is call, and the team of volunteers will come to get the patient, no money required. It’s a cool experience and will surely bring a smile to the patient’s face.

Much like the Lamborghini Batman that is visiting hospitals in Maryland, this is another group of supercar owners trying to do right by their fellow man.

Take a closer look at the experience below (YouTube via Autoblog):

Check out some cars we’d like to be picked up in >

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