Novogen shares are on a tear after promising test results on an anti-cancer chemotherapy drug

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Australian biotech Novogen announced that another of its drugs, Anisina (ATM-3507), has hit a major milestone in testing, confirming its use as an anti-cancer agent.

This follows an announcement earlier this month that another drug, TRXE-009, is showing potential to become an important new therapy in the fight against brain cancer.

The latest announcement shows the drug Anisina can comprehensively destroy a cancer cell’s cytoskeleton where most of what are called anti-mitotic drugs only do half the job, leaving behind microfilaments.

Novogen says it’s believed that this half-complete destruction of the cytoskeleton accounts for their low rate of patient response for many tumor types.

“Anisina was developed specifically to destroy the microfilaments and to work in combination with the anti-mitotic drugs to deliver comprehensive destruction of the cancer cell’s architecture,” Novogen says.

Justine Stehn, Novogen program director, said these latest results are a crucial step needed to bring Anisina into the clinic for testing with children and adults.

For adults, Novogen will be looking to test Anisina against prostate, ovarian, lung, breast, colorectal and haematological cancers.

The proof of concept study was done as part of the Children’s Oncology Drug Alliance involving Australian charity, the Kids’ Cancer Project, University of New South Wales, the Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio, and Novogen.

The study was conducted using cancer cells derived from children who had developed neuroblastoma, a common cancer in children.

The results of the studies will be presented at the Eighth Annual Cancer Molecular Therapeutics
Research Association meeting in the US in July.

Novogen shares are up 23% today to $0.210.

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