Detroit Dominates As The Auto Industry Roars Back To Life

General Motors GM Chevrolet Cruze Assembly Line Production Plant
The Chevrolet Cruze in production at Lordstown Assembly in Lordstown, Ohio.

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U.S. November auto sales data will roll through over the next few hours, but the early announcers have been incredibly positive. Analysts are predicting seasonally adjusted annual rate of sales could top 13 million during this period, the third consecutive month it would break that barrier this year.Sales increases were led by sport utility vehicles and pickup trucks. Ford said SUVs grew more than 43% as sales of its Explorer jumped 217% to 12,888 vehicles. General Motors saw sales of its Silverado pickup increase 34% for the month to 34,251 units.

On the electric front, the Chevrolet Volt continued on its roll-out ramp up. The company delivered 1,139 of the eco-vehicles, up 39 units from October. GM had hoped to deliver 10,000 of the cars by year’s end, but is on track to fall short of that number — year-to-date it has produced 6,142 Volts.

The Detroit Three:

  • Chrysler: Total Sales: 107,172 units, Sales Growth: +45%, Expected Growth: +37%
  • Ford: Total Sales: 166,865 units, Sales Growth: +13%, Expected Growth: +10%
  • General Motors: Total Sales: 180,402 units, Sales Growth: +6.9%, Expected Growth: +7.4%

The Rest:

  • BMW: Total Sales: 26,301 units, Sales Growth: + 15%
  • Honda: Total Sales: 83,925 units, Sales Growth: -6%
  • Hyundai: Total Sales: 49,610 units, Sales Growth: +22%
  • Kia: Total Sales: 37,007 units, Sales Growth: +39%
  • Maserati: Total Sales: 191 units, Sales Growth: + 15%
  • Mazda: Total Sales: 18,432 units, Sales Growth: +20%
  • Mercedes-Benz/Daimler: Total Sales: 28,259 units, Sales Growth: +47%
  • Nissan: Total Sales: 85,182 units, Sales Growth: + 19%
  • Porsche: Total Sales: 2,255 units, Sales Growth: -7%
  • Saab USA: Total Sales: 356 units, Sales Growth: -10%
  • Subaru: Total Sales: 17,657 units, Sales Growth: -15%
  • Toyota: Total Sales: 137,960 units, Sales Growth: +7%
  • Volkswagen (excluding Audi): Total Sales: 28,412 units, Sales Growth: +41%

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