It's 11:11 On 11/11/11: Here Are Our Wishes For 11 Stars

Blake Lively

Photo: Shuttershock

Pretty much every celestial body in the heavens is aligned right now, because it’s 11:11 on 11/11/11.Primo wishing time.

As such, we figured we’d share our wishes for some of our favourite stars. The interesting ones.

Please, friends — stay sane, get straight and keep giving us material to write about.

To the Kardashians: take a breather. You guys could start an adorable organic farm somewhere in upstate New York. Till the fields and harvest radishes for a few months — with the lockout, Lamar can go too! — and then come back: you'll be all the better for it.

To Zooey Deschanel: look, we know it didn't work out with Ben. That's OK. His band had a stupid name anyway. Keep working hard, and expand your diverse skillset even further — we hear NASA's looking for astronauts.

To Ryan Gosling: keep being you. You're the coolest dude in school right now — JG-L's the only challenger for miles. We think you should take the next step, and just go full-on real-life superhero. Our streets need saving 24/7, not just when you're strolling through the Village.

To Blake Lively: Hey girl. We're worried about you. Rushing into things, jumping from guy to guy like a little frog navigating lily pads. How about we order some pad thai and talk it out, light some scented candles. We'll bring the shiraz.

To Rick Ross and Adele: take it easy! We need you both back to full strength, and if that means you spend a couple months yachting off the coast of Antigua, that's fair. Maybe even go together. If a mindbendingly awesome collaboration ensues, so be it. We'll be waiting for you when you get back.

To Jay-Z and Beyonce: look, you two have the coolest baby since Jesus on the way. Babyonce's potential is limitless, and we wish you soon-to-be proud parents the best of luck.

Another wish? Stay away from lawsuits.

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