Novak Djokovic's Girlfriend Is Seriously Intense And We Love It

Jelena Ristic

Photo: Screenshot from ESPN

Novak Djokovic is one lucky guy.He’s heading to the Australian Open finals to take on Nadal this weekend and his longtime girlfriend Jelena Ristic will be there cheering him on.

And when we say cheering him on, we don’t mean just sitting in the stands clapping.

Ristic gets really intense and excited during the matches, jumping up and down, shaking her fists, clapping, and biting her lip when things aren’t going well.

We love it.

Jelena is cool and collective now, since Djokovic has an early lead

But whenever Djokovic falls behind at all, the nerves start coming

And Jelena starts biting her lip

Clapping hard, hoping Djokovic can take this set

On her feet, pumping her fists

Really Novak?

The nervous face returns whenever it's tied up

Djokovic is leading this match, so she can take a breather and sit down

There's the lip bite again

Come on, so close!


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