Novak Djokovic wins Wimbledon by turning Kevin Anderson’s greatest weapon against him

Getty ImagesNovak Djokovic celebrates.
  • Novak Djokovic just defeated Kevin Anderson in the 2018 Wimbledon Championships men’s final.
  • Djokovic beat Anderson in straight sets and found an answer to one of this summer’s most daunting questions.
  • That question – how do you return Anderson’s thumping serve?
  • Using all of his court intelligence, Djokovic not only answered, but asked questions of his own.
  • After winning a fourth Wimbledon title, Djokovic credited Anderson as the “best sparring partner” he had faced over the last two weeks.
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Novak Djokovic cruised to victory over Kevin Anderson in the 2018 Wimbledon Championships men’s final.

The South African, reknowned for a thumping serve that helped best Roger Federer earlier in the week, rallied in the third set but any attempted comeback was instantly slapped down by Djokovic.

“Playing against Novak isn’t easy,” Anderson said after the loss. “He’s a true champion in the sport so congratulations to him and his team.”

Djokovic was delighted that he got to win Wimbledon gold while his young son watched along with the Centre Court crowd. “It feels amazing as the first time in my life I have someone screaming, ‘Daddy, Daddy.’ I can’t be happier and I’m emotional him being here.”

Djokovic then paid credit to Anderson, calling him “the best sparring partner” he had faced in the “last couple weeks.” He said: “I congratulate him, he deserves it, and he’s had an incredible run.”

Djokovic turned Anderson’s best weapon against him

Novak DjokovicGetty ImagesNovak Djokovic returns Kevin Anderson’s serve.

The first two sets were easy tennis for Djokovic, who won both sets by a 6-2 score.

Anderson’s inability to match Djokovic was a stark contrast to how Anderson’s 2018 Wimbledon victims, John Isner, Roger Federer, and Gael Monfils, all struggled to break his serve. For the first hour of Sunday’s final, it was Djokovic who was the one to impose his own serve. Anderson was out-hustled, out-rallied, and left to rue Djokovic’s superior shot selection.

Djokovic was able to return Anderson’s hammer blows by utilising all of his court intelligence to get his feet positioned in the most efficient manner, finding an answer to Anderson’s serve more often than not.

In the third set, things changed slightly. Anderson had found his groove and smashed 138 mph serves beyond Djokovic’s reach, which pushed the set to a 6-6 score.

But Anderson’s rally ultimately proved futile as Djokovic slapped down any attempted comeback and won the third set 7-6.

Yes, it was game, set, and match to Djokovic, who won a fourth Wimbledon men’s title and a £2.25 million ($US3 million) paycheck for his efforts.

Novak DjokovicGetty ImagesNovak Djokovic.
Novak Djokovic and Kevin AndersonGetty ImagesDjokovic and Kevin Anderson.

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