NY Tech Meetup: Startups Meet Giants

An anomalous NY Tech Meetup at IAC’s airy headquarters in West Chelsea: For the first time in our memory — ever? — there were as many presenters working for tech heavyweights (Google, Microsoft, IAC, Facebook) as those showing off their startups.

Overall, a decent show — the new space was more elegant and less stuffy than Cooper Union’s hallowed halls, but the energy level seemed low. Check out Entertainment Media Works CTO Alberto Escarlate’s summary; our notes after the jump.

In chronological order:

  • Perceptive Pixel’s Jeff Han showed off a video of some cool multi-touch display technology his company is working on.
  • Ryan Spahn from Baltimore-based Sleep.FM demoed his social-network alarm clock. What is it? A web site with standard social networking features… plus, for those of us who leave our computers on 24/7, an alarm clock. Your friends can upload an audio file (voice, music) that will be used as your alarm.
  • Jakob Lodwick showed off the new hi-def video capabilities on Vimeo, the video sharing site owned by IAC/Connected Ventures.
  • David Karp gave a tour of Tumblr’s new interface and features, including its video-hosting integration with Vimeo. He also assured us that after a frenetic two weeks spent fundraising and pushing out a new version of his elegant publishing platform, he’s finally gotten some sleep.
  • Drop.io’s Sam Lessin and Darshan Somashekar demoed their slick, quick-and-easy file sharing service. Check out all the junk people uploaded during the meetup.
  • Facebook’s Ami Vora gave a quick rundown of her company’s new social ad platform. She’ll be at Wednesday’s Facebook Developer Garage.
  • Google’s Mary Himinkoof tossed out a quick plug for Open Social, but didn’t show off any apps (and wasn’t toting a GPhone.)
  • Alex Daley of Microsoft showed off some projects the Live Labs are working on, including a really cool imaging tool called Photosynth.

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