Soccer players pretend to argue over a free kick while teammate scores in a brilliant trick play

Notts County scored an excellent goal on a tricky free-kick routine in their WSL match against Arsenal.

The goal, which was posted to r/soccer, was a combination of individual brilliance by Ellen White and solid acting from her two teammates.

As Notts set up, it looked like Laura Bassett was going to take the kick. Instead, Bassett stopped in front of the ball and acted angry that teammate Alex Greenwood stepped in front of her. Greenwood then passed it into space in the center of the field, and White wheeled around to take a curling shot:

The underrated part of the routine is that Bassett and Greenwood pretend to get into a spat, freezing the Arsenal defence:

During all those shenanigans, only one Arsenal player realised what was going on and ran toward the ball. White had space to shoot and no wall in front of her:

White told the BBC after the game, “Thankfully it came off. But now we can never do it again, which is a little annoying.”

The full video:


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