Notre Dame Football Unveils Its Flashy New 'Shamrock Series' Uniform

Notre Dame and Adidas have unveiled the uniforms for the annual “Shamrock Series” game.

This year’s contest will be played on October 5 against Arizona State at AT&T Stadium (née Cowboys Stadium).

The new uniforms are a huge improvement over last year’s train wreck which featured a blue jersey and a two-tone helmet with an oversized leprechaun logo.

On the next few pages we’ll take a closer look at the new uniforms.

While there are some look-at-me features, the white jersey matched with white pants gives the uniform a nice simple feel

Although green is not an official school colour, it is occasionally worn by the sports teams and is heavily emphasised in these uniforms

Here is what the Shamrock Series uniform looked like last year

And here is a view of the logo on the helmet

This year's helmet is flashy but still feels like Notre Dame

The green face mask is one way they added colour

And of course, everybody is wearing the look-at-me gloves

The undershirt might be the craziest part of the uniform

And here is a video showing the new uniforms

(video provider='youtube' id='1W09j2RcBkQ' size='xlarge' align='center')

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