This Spoof Video About The Joys Of Not Having Kids Is Going Viral

New York-based comedy site Sure Thing Chief creator Jason Messina has released a new video called “NEW! Try ‘Not Having Kids,'” and it’s going viral.

“Feeling overwhelmed? Feeling stressed and burdened? Is it because everyone you know is having kids?” The video’s female voiceover asks a young couple. “Do you find you are not yet ready to obliterate any chance you have left to enjoy life to its fullest? Then try Not Having Kids!”

The minute and half spoof of a drug commercial shows a young couple enjoying not having kids as they take hikes together, eat ice cream while a woman struggles with a stroller, and have brunch with their friends in the middle of the day.

And while the funny video shows all the positives of Not Having Kids, it does come with a warning of possible side effects, including destruction of family lineage, eerily quiet studio apartment, holiday season loneliness, death-bed regret, friends and family questioning your sexual orientation, and having very little to talk about with your procreating friends after the age 30, among many others.

“The video is not meant to take sides,” the video’s New York-based creator Messina told the New York Daily News. “You need to take time to make this decision of whether or not you want children. The main thing is this is a big decision and it should not be taken lightly.”

Plus, you can always just get a dog. Watch the video below.

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