Not Everybody Is Impressed By Hermès' $6100 Sari

Hermes Sari Indian

Photo: Hermes

The limited edition sari from a French luxury brand priced at upwards of $6100 is in town.And if the store managers are to be believed, the nine yards, which are essentially an extension of the brand’s signature scarves, have been picked up by several buyers.

The brand has devised a little ritual around each purchase. You have to make a prior appointment, and then their craftsman measures you for the choli, which will be made in their workshop in Paris.

However, not everyone seems to be buying the exclusivity tag.

Check out the Hermes sari here.

In fact, life coach and image consultant, Chhaya Momaya, who just got back from one of her trip to New York, was reported talking about the thriving fake market in Chinatown, which makes a fortune out of selling the French brand in question.

“You can get anything you want here for as little as $100 to $130,” she said, adding, that someone had even unwittingly gifted her a fake piece from the brand.

“In any case, most discerning buyers would not mind spending that kind of money for classic hand woven pieces. But certainly not something which you can actually pick up from the thriving fake market,” she said.

There are somethings that the French do best. But when it comes to the sari, they can leave it to us.

This post originally appeared at Luxpresso.

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