New Syria Documentary Contains The Most Intense Moment You'll Ever See In A Movie Trailer

One key thing has been lost amidst reports of foreign fighters and al-Qaeda-affiliated rebels fighting in the Syrian civil war: the revolution began with an Arab Spring “Day of Rage” on March 15, 2011, when a group of 200 mostly young protesters gathered in the Syrian capital of Damascus to demand democratic reforms and the ouster of President Bashar al-Assad.

American Matthew Van Dyke, a “freedom fighter” who gives a new definition to the term “combat journalist,” has not forgotten that fact.

The 34-year-old documentary filmmaker, who arrived in Aleppo in October after helping Libyan rebels topple ruler Muammar Qaddaffi, has produced a mini-documentary titled “Not Anymore: A Story Of Revolution.”

The 14-minute short tells the story of Syria’s struggle for freedom as experienced by a 32-year-old rebel fighter and a 24-year-old female journalist in Aleppo, Syria’s biggest city.

We can tell it’s a powerful work just from the trailer:

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