Not Again: Massage Therapists File Sexual Harassment Suit Against Favre

Brett Favre

Two former Jets’ massage therapists have filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against Brett Favre, claiming the quarterback attempted to have a “three-way” with them, ABC News reports. The suit calls the Jets locker room “a hot bed of sexual harassment, sexism and inappropriate behaviour.”

The therapists, Christina Scavo and Shannon O’Toole, allege that Favre sent text messages making explicit sexual advances towards them. Scavo said he treated her “like a hanging slab of meat.”

When Scavo’s husband called Favre demanding an apology he refused, and neither plaintiff was offered continued employment with the Jets.

If you thought Favre would sail quietly into his retirement sunset, and you wouldn’t have to hear from him again until his Hall of Fame induction speech – think again. One Jets employee who is also a defendant in the case calls Favre “a pervert,” the plaintiffs claim.

The Jets were also connected to harassment of Mexican TV reporter Ines Sainz, and were Favre’s employer during the Jenn Sterger scandal.

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