Dunkaroos are coming back to stores. Here are 13 other beloved, childhood snacks you can still buy.

David Tonelson/ShutterstockGushers are still available in the fruit-snack aisle.
  • Childhood snacks can carry a lot of nostalgia, and luckily for 1990s and 2000s kids, many of them are still available.
  • Dunkaroos have returned to shelves in the US for the first time since 2012.
  • Lunch boxes can still be packed with Gushers, Hi-C, Fruit Roll-Ups, and Teddy Grahams.
  • Savoury foods like Lunchables, Bagel Bites, and Kid Cuisine are still available at grocery stores.
  • You can still buy Fla-Vor-Ice freeze pops and War Heads, too.
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There’s a chance you haven’t had some beloved snacks from your childhood in years – in fact, you may have even forgotten that some of them existed. Fortunately, there are a lot of treats that were especially popular in the United States during the 1990s and early aughts that are still for sale.

Dunkaroos stopped being sold in the US in 2012, but luckily, 1990s kids don’t have to wait any longer to enjoy the treat again. The nostalgic snack started hitting shelves again this month, and it will soon be available nationwide.

Here are some nostalgic snacks from your childhood that are still around today.

Dunkaroos are finally back, and soon they will be easy to find in stores.

General MillsThe nostalgic treat includes vanilla cookies and vanilla frosting with rainbow sprinkles.

In February, Dunkaroos announced on Twitter that they were going to start selling the 1990s snack again in US stores, and earlier this month they officially relaunched the product at participating 7-Elevens.

According to General Mills, Dunkaroos are exclusively available at 7-Eleven for the rest of May, but starting in June, they will be stocking the shelves at other convenience and grocery stores across the US.

The once-discontinued treat will only available in the vanilla cookies and vanilla frosting with rainbow sprinkles flavour for now.

Go-Gurt is still available in most grocery stores.

AmazonKids today can still get yogurt on the go.

Go-Gurt was a beloved 1990s and 2000s lunch-box staple (especially if your mum froze them so they’d be perfectly chilled come lunchtime).

Go-Gurt still comes in the convenient, easy-open tubes for on-the-go snacking, and there are even more flavours to choose from today, like Hershey’s Cookies ‘n’ Creme.

Gushers are still a lunch box go-to.

AmazonToday, you can buy them in more flavours.

The iconic commercials of people eating Gushers and turning into fruits may not still be around, but luckily the oozy fruit snacks are.

Released in 1991, Gushers are still sold in grocery stores, but now they come in even more flavour options, like sour and tropical.

Utz Cheese Balls still come in a ginormous container.

Rite AidYou can still eat these by the handful.

Utz Baked Cheddar Cheese Balls were one of the most famous savoury, vibrant treats of the 1990s.

Whether you had them at elementary-school parties or by the pool as a summer snack, Cheese Balls still come in the same big tub – and they will still stain your fingers orange.

Hi-C is still around in juice-box form.

WalmartThere are even more flavours available now.

Hi-C juices have been around for decades and although McDonald’s may have memorably gotten rid of orange Hi-C, a few years ago most other grocery stores have not.

The classic Flashin’ Fruit Punch and Orange Lavaburst flavours are still available along with some new ones, like orange-pineapple.

Lunchables come in even more “lunch combinations” now.

ShutterstockThere are tons of varieties.

You can still buy one of the most iconic lunch/snack kits from the 1990s: Lunchables.

From mini pizzas to turkey, cheese, and cracker sandwiches,Lunchables still exist and offer even more options than before.

Fruit Roll-Ups can still be found across cafeterias in the US.

AmazonYou can still unroll these.

These were found in plenty of lunch boxes growing up, and fortunately, this snack can still be bought today. And now, strawberry (one of the original flavours)isn’t the only option.

You can still cool off with Fla-Vor-Ice freeze pops.

AmazonThese taste like summer.

These have been a popular pool-party snack for decades, and they still are today.

Fla-Vor-Ice freeze pops come in flavours from grape to berry punch, ensuring there’s something to satisfy everyone. And let’s be honest, you can never have just one.

Trix Yogurt may be harder to find, but it’s still on sale at some grocery stores.

AP ImagesThese are rare but still out there.

Sure, Trix may be for kids, but those of us who enjoyed the brand’s sweet, colourful yogurt back in the 1990s are in luck.

It may not be particularly easy to find and the packaging and flavours may be different, but some grocery stores still sell versions of this swirly, flavorful snack.

You can still enjoy some Bagel Bites as an after-school snack.

HeinzThey come in bigger packs, now.

Although it dates back to the mid-1980s, this must-have after-school and sleepover snack can still be bought today – now in bulk, 24-packs and 48-packs, which wasn’t an option decades ago.

Kid Cuisine meals still come with a snack.

WalmartYou can still pop a few of these in the freezer.

These frozen Kid Cuisine meals that became popular in the 1990s were especially beloved because they always had a dessert or something sweet included in them, too.

Warheads are still making kids across the country pucker up.

AmazonThis treat is extremely sour.

Warheads were a treat for some, and torture for others.

The sour candy was invented in Taiwan in the 1970s, but it didn’t gain widespread popularity in the US until the 1990s. And luckily, the pucker-inducing treat is still widely available across the US.

Teddy Grahams come in even more fun flavours.

AmazonThere are some new flavours to try.

Created in the late 1980s, these bear-shaped cookies still come in a bunch of different flavours, some old and some new.

The classic honey flavour is still popular, but you can also easily find chocolate-chip, cinnamon, and chocolate Teddy Grahams at the store.

The brand even sells some specialty flavours, like birthday cake and strawberry banana.

You can still make your friends jealous by packing some Handi-Snacks.

WalmartThey come in sweet and savoury flavours.

From crackers and cheese to Oreo sticks and cream, Handi-Snacks has a range of dippable snacks in both savoury and sweet varieties.

Fortunately, these childhood favourites that rose in popularity throughout the 1980s and 1990s can still be found in many retailers and grocery stores today.

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