The Norwegian Terrorist's Description Of How He Massacred 77 People Is Too Graphic To Publish

Anders Breivik

Photo: AP

They had to pause the trial so that the judges and onlookers could catch their breath. Today Anders Breivik described in detail how he murdered 77 people in a very short time. He killed 8 with his bomb in Oslo, and then he systematically shot 69 others, many of them teenagers on the island camp of Utoya. He shot most of them in the head. 

Breivik even warned the assembly that it would be upsetting to listen to what happened. 

Here is the prosecutor explaining how brutal the testimony will be.


The descriptions of the massacre were so brutal that the Telegraph said it could not publish all of them.

They did publish these details: 

[Breivik] describes being approached by a group of people once on the island. The four included the chief security officer who Breivik says looked very capable. He says he was almost paralysed before thinking “it’s now or never”. He raises his pistol and fires.

And here are some other bullets…

  • Breivik said he hesitated, “I thought about it for 1 minute. Whole body resisted. Felt like a year. 100 voices in head saying STOP”
  • Breivik entered one building where there were six or seven people, begging for their lives. Breivik says they were too scared to run and so he executed them. One tried to zig-zag but he shot him in the body multiple times. 
  • Others hid in yet another building on the island. Breivik intended to burn them alive in it, but lacking a lighter, he went in and shot them. 

Journalist Paul Brennan is also live-tweeting some of the shocking and horrible testimony:

Paul Brennan Breivik Tweets

Breivik has been delivering this account of his actions with extreme clarity and calmness. 

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