A stunning private island that comes with a 4-bedroom home is up for sale in Norway, and it's a hermit's dream

Mats Holst Photography/Aktiv EiendomsmeglingTjaereholmen, a private island for sale in Norway.

A private island for sale in the south of Norway provides a gorgeous escape for potential buyers looking for a remote place to live.

Tjaereholmen, which translates to Tar Island in English, is a 1.14-acre plot of land situated in a picturesque setting surrounded by fjords and other mini islands. According to the listing from real-estate agency Aktiv Eiendomsmegling, the property is a five-minute boat ride from the mainland harbour and 15 minutes by car from the city of Tvedestrand.

The island itself is home to a 1,905-square-foot house with four bedrooms, a loft, bathroom, and dining area, per the listing. The home also boasts a reception hall for social gatherings and a dock for several boats.

Although Tjaereholmen has an asking price of $US2.3 million, you don’t need that amount in your bank account to take a look around the island below.

This is Tjaereholmen, a private island for sale in Norway.

Mats Holst Photography/Aktiv EiendomsmeglingTjaereholmen.

The rocky, 1.14-acre property is situated in a picturesque setting surrounded by fjords and islands.

The stunning property is a five-minute boat ride from the mainland harbour and 15 minutes by car from the city of Tvedestrand.

0399778584/ShutterstockTvedestrand, Norway.

The island also isn’t far from towns like Lyngør, Risør, and Arendal that are ideal for dining and shopping excursions, and all are under an hour away.

The island derives its name, which translates to “Tar Island” in English, from back when fishermen would tar and tan their fishing nets on the dry land.

Mats Holst Photography/Aktiv EiendomsmeglingTjaereholmen.

Slathering fishing nets with tar and subsequently drying them in the sun is one method of making them stronger and less susceptible to wear from the salty ocean water, according to the property listing.

It’s not surprising, then, that Tjaereholmen is located in a region known for its pristine waters and excellent fishing.

Mats Holst Photography/Aktiv EiendomsmeglingTjaereholmen and the surrounding fjords.

The future owners of the property can enjoy miles and miles of water views and break out the fishing poles whenever they please.

The home at Tjaereholmen is as beautiful inside as it is outside.

Mats Holst Photography/Aktiv EiendomsmeglingThe main building on Tjaereholmen.

According to the home’s listing, the property was originally constructed as a summer home for a wealthy banker from Norway.

The home design and interior decor embodies Norwegian minimalism.

Mats Holst Photography/Aktiv EiendomsmeglingThe large reception area in the house on Tjaereholmen.

The spacious reception area is suitable for entertaining guests.

The upstairs has four bedrooms and a bathroom.

Mats Holst Photography/Aktiv EiendomsmeglingThe upper floors of the house on Tjaereholmen.

It also features a loft for added space.

With large windows on all sides, the house is often filled with warmth and sunshine.

Mats Holst Photography/Aktiv EiendomsmeglingLiving space in the house on Tjaereholmen.

The home’s many windows and pale wooden walls allow for plenty of light.

There is a large dining area for family and friends to gather.

Mats Holst Photography/Aktiv EiendomsmeglingDining area in the home on Tjaereholmen.

The listing stresses that every detail of the home was carefully planned out.

Of course, there are plenty of outdoor gathering spaces as well.

Mats Holst Photography/Aktiv EiendomsmeglingA patio outside the home on Tjaereholmen.

You can see the water from almost every spot around the property.

And there’s a pier for docking boats.

Mats Holst Photography/Aktiv EiendomsmeglingThe pier on Tjaereholmen.

According to the island’s listing, there’s plenty to do with golf courses, riding centres, tennis courts, water sports centres, and more nearby.

But all of this luxury comes at a hefty price.

Mats Holst Photography/Aktiv EiendomsmeglingAn aerial view of Tjaereholmen.

At the time of writing, Tjaereholmen is listed at just under $US2.3 million.

If you have the funds, this slice of Scandinavian heaven can be yours.

Mats Holst Photography/Aktiv EiendomsmeglingThe view of Tjaereholmen from a boat.

You can find out more by contacting the real-estate agency here.

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