The Norwegian Winter Olympics team ordered 15,000 eggs by mistake thanks to a Google Translate error

  • Norwegian team chefs in Pyeongchang were shipped 15,000 eggs after accidentally ordering ten times as many as they wanted.
  • “Half a truckload” of eggs arrived thanks to a Google Translate error.
  • The team was able to send 13,500 back after they realised.

Norway’s Winter Olympics team received a surprise delivery of 15,000 eggs after accidentally ordering ten times the amount they wanted.

Chefs for the 109-strong national team were presented with “half a truckload” of eggs by a local supplier in Pyeongcahng, South Korea, after making a mistake with Google Translate.

The mistake resulted in them accidentally asking for 15,000 eggs instead of only 1,500.

Norwegian newspaper Trønder-Avisa posted a photograph of team officials with some of the haul:

Norwegian chef Stale Johansen told Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten the sight of all the eggs arriving was “absolutely unbelievable” and there was “no end to the delivery.”

After realising their error, the chefs were able to return the 13,500 surplus.

The Norwegian athletes will all attend the 2018 Winter Olympics opening ceremony at the Pyeongchang Olympic Stadium in South Korea on Friday.

Norway skiiersGetty ImagesNorwegian Biathlon athletes celebrate at a test event in Pyeongchang.

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