Norwegian Police Reduced A Traffic Fine For A Trucker — Because He Was A Poor Swede

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Norwegian police reduced a traffic fine issued to a trucker on the grounds that he was Swedish, reports the BBC.

After a Swedish trucker was given a fine of $1,300 while he was driving a truck belonging to his employer in Norway — police found that the vehicles breaks were not in order.

However, the driver later received a letter from the Norwegian police saying that his fine was to be halved on the grounds that Swedes don’t earn as much as their Nordic counterparts.

Though the driver appreciated the gesture, he told Swedish newspaper VG that he found it strange, since he was of the impression that he actually earned more than his Norwegian colleagues:

“I thank them for the rebate, but I find it very strange. I actually make more than my Norwegian colleagues since the Swedish krona is weak and I live in Sweden.”

The Local reports that Sweden has no plans to charge Norwegians any less (or more) than Swedes.