One of the biggest stars on the first full day of the Winter Olympics is a Norwegian ski jumper's mustache

  • Saturday was the first full day of the Olympics and it included ski jumpers competing for their first medal in the men’s normal hill jump.
  • The biggest star of the competetion was the mustache on the face of ski jumper Robert Johansson of Norway.
  • Johansson overcame a tenth place standing in the first round to win the silver medal.

The Winter Olympics hit its full stride on Saturday with the first full day of competition including the first medals of the games.

One of the biggest events on Saturday took place in ski jumping with the men’s individual normal hill with medals on the line.

The biggest star of the event was actually the mustache on the face of Norwegian ski jumper Robert Johansson. That’s an impressive handlebar mustache!

Robert JohannsonNBC

Johansson and his mustache fell behind early, placing tenth in the first round. But they had a strong showing in the final round and won the silver medal.

Getty photographer Alexander Hassenstein must have sensed the looming stardom and had Johansson pose in the days leading up to the start of the Olympics.


Robert JohanssonAlexander Hassenstein/Getty Images
Robert JohanssonAlexander Hassenstein/Getty Images

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