Norway Killer Claims There Are "Two More Cells" Waiting To Attack

norwayA scene from the aftermath of Friday’s bombing in Oslo

Photo: ap

Judge Kim Heger, presiding over the trial of suspected Norwegian murderer Anders Behring Breivik, has said that the killer’s claims of having accomplices needs investigation, reports Sky News.Breivik had previously claimed to be working alone, yet claimed in today’s pretrial hearing that two more cells exist.

The Daily Mail reports that Breivik’s manifesto — entitled “2083 – A European Declaration of Independence” — claimed that the Norwegian was part of a “secret right-wing anti-multicultural, anti-Marxist, anti-feminist, anti-Islamic society, the ‘Knights Templar‘ founded in London in April 2002″.

Breivik claims he met with the group in London and at two subsequent meetings. He alleges that there are 12 members of the ‘Knights Templar’, and that the other 11 knights are plotting attacks.

The accuracy of the claims is currently unknown.


Reuters reports that Breivik was once a member of the successful right-wing Populist Party, though he left after complaining the party was too politically correct.

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