Northwestern Officially Cancels The Sex Class

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Sorry to all readers who thought it was a good time to return to college, specifically Northwestern, and get a degree in psychology.

The $40,000-a-year university has canceled J. Michael Bailey’s notorious Human Sexuality class.

Bailey’s class featured extracurricular demonstrations of a woman being penetrated by a motorised sex toy known as a “fucksaw.”

The department chair told the Tribune:

“I learned a week or two ago that they had decided to cancel the course for next year,” psychology department chair Dan McAdams said Monday. “The decision was made higher up than me at the central administration level.”

No other Northwestern psychology professor is qualified to teach the subject, McAdams said. Bailey “will have other teaching assignments in the coming year,” according to a university statement.

Bailey had actually taught his Human Sexuality class since 1994, though not always with such graphic demonstrations. People we know at Northwestern described it as the best class ever.

Next year Bailey is scheduled to teach “Dangerous Ideas” and “behaviour Genetics and Evolutionary Psychology.”