A Liberal Democrat candidate just won control of a council by picking a straw

LONDON — A Liberal Democrat won the last seat in the¬†Northumberland council election and denied a Conservative majority at the council by picking a straw.

In a rare moment in British politics where the number of seats are tied for two parties — in this case it takes 34 to gain a majority — the Lib Dem candidate and Conservative candidate had to pick a straw. The shortest straw lost.

Here is the moment captured on video by the BBC political reporter Fergus Hewison:

Results are currently rolling in for the 2017 local and mayoral elections with announcements being made in England, Scotland, and Wales throughout throughout Friday.

We are expecting results in 4,851 council seats plus six regional mayoral contests.

Currently, Conservatives are on +163 seats while Labour is on -127 as of 10 a.m. BST.

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