CEO Of Northern Oil Cackles With Glee As He Shoots Hundreds Of Doves Out Of The Sky*

Michael Reger shoots doves

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Last month, it was the CEO of GoDaddy who appalled the Internet by releasing a video of himself killing an elephant.Today, it’s the CEO of Northern Oil, a controversial oil company.

The CEO of Northern Oil, Michael Reger, is apparently the hunter featured in the video below.

He can barely contain his excitement as he shoots dove after dove out of the sky. Reger begins the video by saying he has shot “about 4,000 doves this morning,” and then he proceeds to shoot a dozen or so more. And he complains that he can’t load his gun fast enough to get them all.

There are no dogs in the video, so we assume Reger isn’t going to pick up any of the birds he has shot. We guess he’s just shooting them for the fun of it.

And boy is it fun! (Apparently). Don’t miss the part where Reger exults after killing two birds with one blast.

UPDATE: After publishing this post, we received the following not from a friend of Michael Reger’s, who says he was on the trip with him:

Mr. Blodget,

Regarding your story on Michael Reger hunting, I can see why not looking any further into the situation this bad. Of course, investigative journalism does take effort. I’ve been on this same hunt, it is near Cordoba, Argentina on a ranch built specifically for international hunters to come in and take care of their infestation. There is a roost of tens of millions of overpopulated doves. They have grown wildly out of control by eating human grown crops that naturally would not be there. The Argentine government has tried poisoning the birds with little effect, it is also a health safety issue to have millions of dead poisoned birds laying around in the crops. It is a human caused infestation that requires a human solution.

The solution they have come up with is to have hunters come in and shoot the birds. It employes dozens of locals who work as “bird boys.” These are hired help that go and clean up all the birds after the hunt is completed as well as clean the gun and help with the hunt. Of the birds shot, some are used to feed pigs. The pigeons shot are taken by the bird boys and used as food in the local town. Some of the birds may go to waste, but otherwise they are eating the crop and continuing to overpopulate. 

I am a person that is concerned with treating animals in a humane manor, but clearly you didn’t research the context of this video. Just as some “rednecks” are intolerant of certain actions, “city folk” seem to be just as intolerant of certain actions. In this case hunting, especially when you are unaware of the situation. I agree, if this was random killing of thousands of birds for no purpose it would be worth loathing. However, this hunting serves a valuable purpose and is an important source of income for the poor local culture. 

I would be highly impressed with your journalistic integrity if you did a little research and did a follow-up story putting this in context.