Fans of Poland and Northern Ireland show amazing sportsmanship during 'clash' at Euro 2016

With all the ugliness that has marred the streets outside of Euro 2016 in France between the Russian and English fans, here is a nice reminder that not all soccer fans are hooligans.

On Sunday, Northern Ireland and Poland met in each country’s opening match of the tournament. It is unclear if this video, which was uploaded to YouTube on the same day, was shot before or after the match. However, based on the shadows, it appears to have been taken prior to Poland’s 1-0 victory.

As supporters of both countries come across each other, each group breaks out into loud and boisterous song. The crowds start to swell and inch closer to each other. At this point, it feels like another huge brawl could break out. Instead, at the 2:55 mark, the songs stop and members of each group start hugging in a sign of respect.

Amazing (video via Reddit user bf-4-life).


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