OH GREAT: Now The Greek Bailout Is Blowing Up Too

greece flag destroyed

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Northern Eurozone countries are refusing to give anymore concessions on the Greek bailout, according to CNBC’s Guy Johnson.Countries, such as the Netherlands, say Greece’s new finance minister’s request for alterations to the austerity budget the country is to pass will not be given.

Last night it emerged that new Greek finance minister Evangelos Venizelos has upset European leaders over requests for changes in the privatization plan and the date of the austerity vote.

It’s important to note that, yes, if Greece passes its austerity budget next week, we’re still going to get a deal on more aid from the EU and IMF. But Greek leaders efforts to change the terms have angered European leaders who now seem unwilling to do anything more to help the troubled state, before it passes its austerity bill.

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