You only need $3 to accessorize like North West

Kim Kardashian West published a brand new website today:

The site has five sections: Beauty, Obsessed, Style, Q + A, and BTS (Behind The Scenes).

Under “style,” you will find a photo of Kardashian’s young daughter, North West, with the caption “The Breakdown  —  Get North’s Look: NYC Edge.”

There you can find each piece of North’s outfit shown off during a recent New York City outing, and a link to where you can buy the items.

The most surprising part?

Kardashian suggests you buy a $US3 necklace.

The suggested $US3 gold chain necklace from Chic Nova is not the one young West is photographed wearing. In the introduction to the slideshow, Kardashian explains “[North] loves trying on Mummy’s Jacob & Co. jewellery, so I let her.” 

Jacob & Co. jewellery lists a similar looking necklace, described as 18K gold with 32.66 carats worth of diamonds inset. The original is surely a far cry from $US3, but it’s nice that Kardashian is thoughtful enough to understand many of her fans don’t live on millions of dollars a year.

Other celeb lifestyle sites have been accused of being out of touch with their readers for this same kind of stuff.

People on Twitter seemed surprised by the $US3 price tag, until they realise it’s the budget-buy for a North West copycat ensemble.

Others had spotted the photos of West before the new website went up, and accurately guessed that it was a pricey piece of jewellery.