North Korea's stunning new airport puts many American airports to shame

Last month, the North Korean capital of Pyongyang opened the doors to the country’s newest airport terminal: Pyongyang Sunan International Airport.

The new international terminal will replaced the airport’s old terminal facility, which dates back to the early days of the Cold War. So far, details surrounding the facility, called “Terminal 2,” are few. However, North Korea’s state-owned media agency released a series of photos of the new facility.

Terminal 2 opened in a massive celebration featuring attendees in traditional North Korean outfits.

It will replace the old building that's a relic of the Cold War.

The terminal features at least 3 jet bridges and the ability to park at least a dozen more planes on the tarmac.

It will serve as home base for North Korea's national airline -- Air Koryo.

The airport primarily serves flights in and out of China, Russia, and a few other destinations in Asia.

North Korea's supreme leader, Kim Jong-Un, has taken an active role in the design of the building.

Here, he's seen inspecting the facility while it was under construction.

Kim Jong-Un returned to the terminal with his wife and a cadre of supporters after the building was completed.

Here, the group tours a jet bridge.

Later, they check out the news stand.

Oh! And there's some duty-free shopping to be done, as well.

For passengers, the terminal features a shiny new check-in area.

Looks like there will be room for the airport to grow in capacity.

Here's the customs screening area.

But what's really impressive about the new building are its luxury touches. Like this cafe or ...

... or this lounge stocked with bottles Western wines and liquors. I guess even in Communism, some are more equal that others.

Here's a fine-dining establishment at the airport for the comrades.

And here's a massive meeting hall.

The airport's general waiting area is spacious and modern.

The completion of the new airport is said to be part of the celebration to commemorate the anniversary of the founding of North Korea's ruling political party in October.

In addition, a new control tower is also expected to come on line in the near future.

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