North Korea's First Ski Resort Is Open For Business

North Korea’s infamous leader Kim Jong Un recently unveiled his latest project: The Masik Pass Ski Resort.

The recently opened luxury resort took 10 months to build, a quick turnaround, according to The Irish Independent. It features nine ski runs, with the longest reaching over three miles, which are serviced by Chinese-made lifts (the Europeans reportedly refused to sell their lifts to the communist country). The slopes can accommodate 5,000 visitors a day, but so far only a couple hundred have checked them out.

See the slopes for yourself in the video below produced by Koryo Tours, a British-run, Beijing-based operation that specialises in trips to North Korea.

In a country that struggles to feed its people, some suggest that Kim Jong Un wanted to construct a ski resort that made North Korea look just as capable of hosting the Winter Olympics as South Korea, which will host the 2018 Games.

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