North Korean Newspaper Inveighs Against American Imperialist Hypocrisy, Citing Casey Anthony Verdict

North Korea

[credit provider=”AP/David Guttenfelde”]

In an op-ed in the official newspaper of North Korea, writer Jin Chol reacts to a Voice of America broadcast that, as he puts it:Recently reported of the top 10 shocking incidents of 2011. One of them is a crime of a woman who killed her two-year old daughter and concealed it for a month, only making feast. (Emphasis added)

Jin goes on to note that the mother escaped conviction and that “Such a decision can be given only in the United States, the kingdom of crimes.” The op-ed, headlined “Even the Statue of Liberty Would Lament,” concludes with an even-handed assessment of America’s standing in the world today (“The United States is a “dirt society” that should be thrown into the dustbin of history.”)

The newspaper, Rodong Sinmun, began publishing an English-language version of its website earlier this month, according to South Korea’s Korea Times. Something something Nancy Grace joke.

(Hat tip to BI’s Jim Edwards for letting us know about Rodong Sinmun!)