Former Ambassador: Kim Jong-Un Will Get Nothing Out Of His Posturing

kim jong un

North Korea has been acting really wild lately, spooking the international community with its decision to close of an industrial zone shared with North Korea for the first time since 2009, stepping up its rhetoric, and

warning diplomats about their safety.At worst, one supposes the 30-year-old dictator is moving toward war.

At best, and probably more likely, he is doing this macabre charade in order to boost his power at home and around the world. The problem is, it’s probably not going to work.

Former United States Ambassador to South Korea Christopher Hill, who lead the US delegation during nuclear talks with North Korea, tells Quartz’s Gina Chon:

Nobody will give them a nickel. They worsened their strategic situation. And they’ve made it worse for China. We’ve now thickened up our missile defence in a way no one could’ve foreseen a couple months ago. That’s very upsetting to the Chinese. It’s also a myth that North Korean bluster gets them something. They really haven’t gotten anything.

Hill doesn’t have a very high opinion of Kim either: “I’ve known a lot of world leaders, and this is really one of the more pathetic examples of a leader I’ve ever seen.

While Hill says things could get bad quickly, he also says things could turn quiet fast: “North Korea has the ability to reverse propaganda like no other country.”

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