North Korea Ditches 'Windows 7' For Mac OS Rip-Off

It’s no secret that Kim Jong-un prefers mac, so it should also come as no surprise that the state-sanctioned OS has switched to an Apple look-alike skin.

Their old version was Windows 7, explains Martyn Williams, who runs the uber interesting North Korea Tech blog:

The latest version of the country’s home-grown operating system, Red Star Linux, has been restyled and ships with a desktop that closely resembles Apple’s Mac OSX. Red Star Linux was developed by the Korea Computer Center (KCC), a major center of software programming in Pyongyang.

Here’s the old version:

And the newer, Applier version:

Sanctions prohibit North Korea from importing Apple products (among other things), so Kim’s personal computer must have been procured special just for him (as would any other mac computers for DPRK military and political elite).

Red Star Linux, on the other hand, is installed on all North Korean computers and features a modified version of Firefox called “Nanera,” or “My Country,” to surf the web.

(h/t Boing Boing)

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