North Korea releases propaganda video showing missile strike on Guam

North Korea missile threat
A still image from the video. Screenshot/uriminzokkiri via YouTube

North Korea released a propaganda video last weekend of a missile striking a map of Guam, just before the US and South Korea kicked off an annual round of military exercises on Monday.

The four-minute video shows a Hwasong-12 ballistic missile test launch and then switches to a shot of the missile racing down toward a digital map of Guam.

“Americans should live with their eyes and ears wide open,” text in the video read, according to Yonhap News.

The video featured various US Cabinet members and urged US policymakers to “seriously think twice ahead of an obvious outcome.”

Near the end, the video showed President Donald Trump looking onto a field of white crosses with text reading: “The fate of the sinful United States ends here,” according to The Washington Post.

The video was released two days before the US-South Korea Ulchi Freedom Guardian exercises began. The annual military exercises are mostly computer simulations focused on defending the South from the North.

Adm. Harry Harris Jr. told Stars and Stripes on Tuesday that he was not concerned about the new threats, which also came about two weeks after Trump threatened the North with “fire and fury” if Pyongyang continued threatening the US.

“I have complete confidence in the capability of the weapons systems that we’ve developed to defend our own homeland and that of Korea,” Harris Jr. told Stars and Stripes. “We have had 15 tests of THAAD. We have had 15 successes.”