North Korea mocks US 'nuclear-phobia' after Hawaii ballistic missile scare, Michigan meteor sighting

Korean Central News AgencyKim Jong Un.

North Korean state media has issued a release mocking the US for having “nuclear-phobia” after several coincidental news stories has US citizens fearing a North Korean attack.

“Nuclear-phobia by the nuclear force of the DPRK has now caused a tragicomedy in the U.S.,” a state-run outlet published, using the acronym for North Korea’s formal name.

The article cites the recent errant ballistic missile alert in Hawaii as causing “great disarray” and “chaos.” Likewise, a meteor that lit up the skies over Ohio and Michigan made people “greatly worried” that they were under nuclear attack, the article claims.

Though it may seem perfectly normal to fear a rogue nuclear nation that regularly threatens the US with hyperbolic acts of war like “nuclear thunderbolts,” the article blames the US’s own actions for the fear.

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