Ex-North Korean Military Chief Possibly Dead After Reported Gun Battle

North Korea

Photo: flikr/Joseph A Ferris III

Earlier this week everyone was talking about the power struggle behind the removal of ousted North Korean military chief Ri Yong-ho.If reports are to be believed, that struggle was very real. From South Korean paper Choson Iblo:

A gunbattle broke out when the North Korean regime removed army chief Ri Yong-ho from office, leaving 20 to 30 soldiers dead, according to unconfirmed intelligence reports. Some intelligence analysts believe Ri, who has not been seen since his abrupt sacking earlier this week, was injured or killed in the confrontation.

While the report cannot be confirmed at present, it certainly puts recent moves in North Korea into a different light. A few days after Ri was ousted (under the guise of illness), supreme leader Kim Jong Un gave himself the title of Marshall in the North Korean military.

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