North Korea Says Its iPad Clone Is A Huge Success

A North Korean news agency has released a story today about the growing popularity of the country’s iPad clone, called “Achim” (아침), or “Morning”.

KCNA report that the Achim tablet is 7 inches big, 300 grams heavy, and has a battery life of 5 hours. It is said to be gaining traction in schools and with young students.

NK News, an English-language site that monitors the North Korean press, says that while it isn’t clear what operating system the Achim uses, it may be a version of its own “Red Star” (Linux variant) OS software, which the country has used in the past.

It’s also not entirely clear if the iPad clone is the same as reported about last month by South Korean news source Dong-A Ilbo — which was reportedly called “Samjiyon”. That tablet couldn’t access the internet, but featured an  encyclopedia, games, eBooks and a map. Curiously, a North Korean defector told the Dong-A Ilbo that almost all the IT terminology on the tablet was in English.

Here’s a picture of an “Achim” tablet, fresh off the production line:

Achim Tablet North Korea

Photo: KCNA

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