North Korea May Have Used Human Torpedoes To Sink The Cheonan

human torpedo

Most Koreans are certain that Kim Jong-il sank the Cheonan and killed 46 sailors. A North Korean officer has admitted as much.

The question now is how they did it, whether it was a mine, a torpedo from a rogue ship or a semi-submersible ship, or a HUMAN TORPEDO.

Chosun Ilbo:

The North is said to have come up with the human torpedoes after its defeat by South Korea in the first and second naval battles in the West Sea, which forced it to realise that it cannot win by conventional means.

Park Sun-young, a lawmaker with the Liberty Forward Party, told the National Assembly on April 8 a three-man team aboard a Seal Deliver Vehicle could have sunk the Cheonan. SDVs are used to transport commandos under water. Some military experts say an SDV laden with explosives could have approached the Cheonan to launch a suicide bomb attack.

The other question is can they find proof. President Lee Myung-bak has vowed revenge on whoever sank the ship, but he will only do it with UN support.

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