North Korea Admits Flooding Has Killed 88 People, And More Rain Is Coming

North Korea Pictures

Photo: Stephanie T. Kleine-Ahlbrandt

North Korea’s state news agency released the details of widespread flooding that has wrecked the country over the weekend.KNCA reported on Saturday that at least 88 people are dead, and 63,000 have been left homeless. 74,700 acres of farmland are said to be damaged.

The floods may be disastrous for the country’s agriculture sector. Just before the flooding began the country had been experiencing the worst drought in 100 years. Experts believed that overall crop production was down 15%, and a famine in the country was likely. Rice prices are already believed to be too high for the average family.

The United Nations’ North Korean office has said that a further 24-hours of torrential rain hit the country yesterday, suggesting that more flooding is on its way.

North Korean state media says that a helicopter sent personally by Kim Jong-un saved 60 people from flooding.

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