Military Projections Show The Devastating Capabilities Of North Korean Artillery

mapoftheday korea

North Korea is said to have the world’s largest artillery force.

South Korea’s capital city is only 35 miles from the border.

This frightening military scenario is suddenly relevant after North Korea fired shells this morning at a South Korean military facilities on a rival island. At least one person was killed in the attack, and now South Korea has returned fire.

North Korea has the world's largest artillery force

And they're all aimed at Seoul

Most artillery sites won't reach Seoul... but at least 17 larger guns will

NK also has mobile artillery sites

NK artillery site can be hard to detect

There could be secret sites in the DMZ

You also have to watch out for tunnels through the DMZ

NK might lead with an electro magnetic pulse

Knocking out missile defence

And setting up for a nuclear attack

Meanwhile, NK has tons of AA guns

Pyongyang is a fortress

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